Roof Cleaning

Pressure Washing the Roof

The easiest and most effective way to remove moss/algae/lichen from your roof when the main roof is clay, concrete tiles, slates, asbestos and metal roofing sheets. But pressure washing is NOT for wooden shingles or flat roofs. Our pressure washing experts use  the lowest pressure setting possible; we are aware that excessive pressure can end up damaging roof coatings. This way the moss and lichen can be removed from the roof leaving the tile coatings undamaged.

Puzzled why moss on the roof is a problem?

If not cleaned off properly moss and algae on the roof could shave off years off the life of your roof. It’s important to remember that roof algae is a living organism that needs food to continue to grow and in order to grow it consumes the shingles, tiles, slates. These damages can lead to expensive roof repairs, higher heating bills and also it ruins your curb appeal.

If you have any concerns or questions about the type of chemicals and equipment we’re using to power wash the roof, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to give you information.

Highly recommend Bert’s Gutters. Both office staff and the gutter cleaner were very pleasant and helpful. Gutters look great. – Sarah W

Roof Coating

The roof coating service includes applying a clear coat that protects (seals) roof tiles from water getting into the pores of older roof tiles. This then stops frost damage and slows down vegetation growth.
We also offer a coloured coating product that does all above and also changes the colour of concrete roof tiles.
Great company to deal with. Keep their appointments and are efficient clean and tidy. Have already used them again to work on amother property. Would recommend and will use again. – Gordon A

Roof coating