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Other Cleaning Services

Other Cleaning Services

Conservatory cleaning (inside and out)

Improve the visual appeal of your conservatory by getting rid of any unpleasant stains or accumulation of algae and other matter. While we’re there, we can carry out a full inspection to make sure that the panels are properly sealed thus ensuring any potential leaks are spotted and treated to help extend the life of your conservatory. We offer:

  • A free, no obligation, quotation
  • Competitive rates
  • Special offers and discounts when carrying out two or more services at the same time.

When carrying out two or more services at the same time.

  • Excellent customer care
  • Complete reliability
Conservatory cleaning

UPVC cleaning (fascia/soffit boards &window frame)

Don’t ignore your gutters

UPVC Cleaning is an important part of maintaining these parts of your home and protecting them from future damage.

This also leaves your surrounds, door-frames, window-frames and more looking fresh and clean.
Get in touch for a free quote.

UPVC cleaning

Patio/driveway cleaning

Keeping your patio and/or driveway in clean, maintained condition keeps your the outside of your house looking fresh, welcoming and clean.

It is also an important part of extending the life of your patio and driveway and keeping them in the best possible condition.

Get in touch for a quote or if you have any questions.

Patio / driveway cleaning