Gutter repair and replacement

The two most common types of guttering in Scotland are plastic and cast-iron guttering. They need regular maintenance and sometimes repair. Normally they need repair when the maintenance has been neglected for a long time.
Common problems with plastic guttering:
– Guttering was incorrectly installed and it drips or overflows.
– Gutter capacity is too small and guttering overflows.
– Broken gutter parts.
These are easily handled by replacing inexpensive parts or by removing the guttering and reinstalling it correctly. If the guttering is too old and fragile causing it to drip everywhere, this is handled by replacement.

We discover the above problems when we clean out or wash the gutters and always send a report to our customers so they know about the problem.

Common problems with cast-iron guttering:
– Corroded guttering and profile loss because of excessive corrosion (consequence of neglected maintenance). Dripping or overflowing gutters.
– Bent brackets, causing gutter alignment to drop. Dripping or overflowing guttering.
Here we remove the guttering, remove rust from it and repaint it everywhere, even the internal edges (facing the wall) that normally don’t get painted.
If this is done in time our customers can avoid pricey replacement. Cast-iron parts cost a lot more than plastic and they need regular maintenance.  When cast iron guttering gets too corroded the only solution is replacement.

The guys were lovely and very diligent. – Jane Ansell

Gutter repair and replacement
Gutter repair and replacement
Gutter repair and replacement