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Gutter Cleaning

Don’t ignore your gutters

A task many of us choose to ignore, gutter cleaning is an important twice yearly ritual all homeowners should adopt. When clogged gutters overflow, they cause ice dams on the roof that force water inside your house.

They can get so heavy that they will pull their fixings loose and rot the trim and siding. Even if your gutters do not overflow each season, leaving decaying debris there is an open invitation to carpenter ants and midgies. If you have a lot of trees around your house, you might want to clean your gutters more frequently.

A little moss – such a deal? YES it is.

Moss or lichen growth retains moisture and keeps the roof wet far longer. This increases the rate of deterioration and shortens the life of the roof… Moss and lichen’s moisture retention can also be responsible for serious frost damage and cracking in the winter. In milder months they can penetrate and separate the roof materials and cause the tiles or slate to wear out faster.

Gutter Cleaning

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